Morning Links – Ended

October 7, 2011

  • The Rwandan government has sold its 25 percent stake in MTN Rwanda. (New Times)
  • Rwandans remember Steve Jobs as best they can. (New Times)
  • Mototaxis are technically not allowed to operate after 10 pm, overtake cars, or drive on the left. (New Times)
  • A second Nakumatt, just like Singapore. (New Times)
  • A wait service innovation from Uganda. (We Love Failure)
  • Wherein a development economist has a brief moment of transcendental angst while regressing war deaths in Stata. (Chris Blattman)
  • A year in the hands of Somali pirates with names like Buggas, Son Of A Liar, Red Butt, Red Teeth, and Big Mouth. (NYT)
  • That Apple user is acting like his dad just died. (Onion)
  • Five famous hidden song meanings that are total BS. (Cracked)

And finally, a somewhat less productive way of spending two years:

Arresting Development

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