Morning Links – Indebted

May 31, 2011

  • Beware poachers, for the rangers of Akagera have now been trained in ‘enemy engagement skills.’ (New Times)
  • “The race, which engages waiters/waitresses in the country in a five kilometre fast walking race while carrying a serving tray with a bottle and two glassfuls of beer, is aimed at helping the participants to be fast and effective while delivering services to customers.” (New Times)
  • If you manage to scroll past the horrible headline photo you’ll discover a decently substantive story about a young lawyer’s work advising on Rwanda’s legal
    system. (Wisconsin Law Journal)
  • One moment you’re having drinks with two beautiful Estonians in South Beach, and the next you wake up with a $43,000 credit card bill. (
  • Danish is hard to learn even for the Danes. (Copenhagen Post)
  • Jello shots can be classy. (Martha Stewart)

And finally, land of ice:

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