Morning Links – Initialized

December 2, 2010

  • True story: I’ve been working with researchers at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library (FDRL), and it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized why I kept inverting the last two initials in conversations. (New Times)
  • More forest sooner! (Bloomberg)
  • Political risks are put into a factbox so you can watch them. (Reuters)
  • April 11, 1954 was the most boring day in history–interesting. (NPR)
  • Check out the reviews and tags associated with these $6,800 audio cables. (Amazon)
  • “Constitutional limitations on things like censorship, discrimination, and search and seizure do not apply to private individuals but rather to the federal government and, in some cases, to the states…As a result, evidence that a superhero obtains by breaking into a villain’s headquarters is admissible even though it was obtained illegally.” (Law and the Multiverse)
  • Is it a cake or a pie, and does anyone care? (MSNBC)

And finally, I don’t know–it made me laugh:

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