Morning Links – Heterogeneous

November 30, 2010

  • Hundreds of condom vending machines to be installed across the country; Catholic archbishop wants a sign above each of ’em saying: “Spouses Only.” (New Times)
  • So you’re telling me an employee welfare fund run under the Ministry of Defense is regulated as a microfinance cooperative? (New Times)
  • Several bureaus of standards from around the region are stressing the need to adopt and implement international practices like the five-second rule, no fat chicks, and dibs. (New Times)
  • Mythbusting information technology in development. (Chris Blattman)
  • Which shipping company is kindest to your packages? (Popular Mechanics)
  • I know saying this won’t win me many friends, but the worth of science is hard to evaluate, so you’d better rely on heterogeneous metrics. (Michael Nielson)
  • ——> (Damn You Auto Correct)

And finally, fourteen million nine hundred fifty people liked it:

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